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We are in the business of building teammates! We feel it is important to support our community and we love seeing others succeed!  


So, we came up with Member Spotlights with the intention of joining forces with other healers in order to multiply the energies, creating new pathways to spread these holistic healing throughout the world!  As a member of Cosmic Soul Recovery, we will set up, promote, and host your event.  


To learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will be happy to set up a call with you to discuss further. 

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Cosmic Soul's 

Membership Area 

In this space, you could see YOUR site linked! 


FYI Did you know that having your site on ours, helps boost your site's level of importance in Google's algorithm? 

Welcome to the HIVE that exists within our TRIBE! 

Explore the honey that our members create! 
Tina _edited

Tina _edited

Our member, Tina McCallum offered a beautiful breath-work journey for her spotlight.

Quantum Mosaic _edited_edited

Quantum Mosaic _edited_edited

Tru and Brendon are changing the world with their meditations and healing methods utilizing art, sound, and energy!

Evoke Divinity

Evoke Divinity

Our brother site, Evoke Divinity is transforming lives, one retreat at a time!

We're excited to support you and your small business! Together, we can all help make this world a better place! Please reach out if you would like more information. 

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Would you like to be featured on our site? Become a member today and get in touch!

Are you a Cosmic Soul Member who has a skillset they'd like to do for a spotlight? Or, would you like to add your business' site to ours? 


FYI: If you're not already a member, and you would like to do a spotlight,  you can go over to our pricing page and register to be an Egg Member for free and then fill out the form below. 

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