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Amanda Rae and Ellie Wade are one dynamic duo whose gifts divinely complement one another. True synchronicities brought them together to create the amazing like-minded spiritual community that is alive and thriving within the Cosmic Soul Recovery Facebook group. Building upon that together, they have a lot of new opportunities in the works, such as group coaching courses, weekend workshops, member spotlights (if you're a member, and have gifts you are learning to share - we help set you up with an audience for experience), different spiritual tools, custom resin keepsake art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and more!  These two have partnered up with such passion for educating others on the life-saving importance of integrating past traumas, so that one can live freely, that they are divinely paired, unstoppable team! 


Meet Your Dynamic Duo...

We feel that...

In order to successfully transform yourself, (not just your life), you must learn to use what these past traumas, defense mechanisms, and life's challenges show you about yourself. One must be willing to learn who they really are inside and then accept all of it as a part of your human experience. That's a really hard thing for most to do.... but that's what Amanda Rae and Ellie Wade are here for - to be your guides on the 'how' part of that - because it is a process. They have both been through it themselves and now they teach others how to find inner freedom too!

So, are you ready to start seeing yourself in a new light, to uncover your gifts and learn how to heal yourself? Are you prepared to put the work in? Because if so, WE are ready for YOU! This is our passion, let us be your guides to you embracing your highest timeline and greatest potential!

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Our Vision

Guiding the way to a better world.

At Cosmic Soul Recovery, we are devoted to helping others find balance and harmony in their lives. Our integration coaching packages, Reiki and Human Design services, and Cosmic Soul Community each assist those both in every day life and in navigating big life events such as spiritual awakenings or having a plant medicine experience. We currently offer our services online, as well as in Milwaukee, WI and Tampa, FL.

With Divine Intention, we are working towards creating a center for integration and healing with cabins, multiple camping options and prices, therapeutic animals, a community garden, and so much more.


Donations are welcomed to help us reach our goals and create a place for others to heal and learn to navigate life’s turns.

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"True life is lived when tiny changes occur."

- Leo Toltsoy

Cosmic Soul Recovery was created as an alternative road to recovery and healing, with the goal of creating a community to connect all of us who haven't found what we were looking for in traditional recovery and therapy spaces.

Amanda Rae began the Cosmic Soul Recovery Group. Ellie came to the first meeting shortly after, we teamed up, creating this complimentary dynamic duo! As two Human Design Projectors, who have personally overcome and healed from many extreme circumstances in this life alone, we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experiences to draw from and we will always meet you with all heart and no judgement! (We both have the 10/20 channel defined for those of you familiar with HD). Finding each other has shown us that there are others like us out there and ignited a passion of knowing there is a need for us to find one another, to support one another, especially in today's evolving World. This fueled the fire for fostering a strong, connected community for ourselves and others looking for their tribe. All while offering a platform to share our lessons, teachings, and practices, helping others find their voice and highest selves, teaching them to learn how to connect and love themselves again, like we did! 


We believe that we are ALL recovering from something, and substances are just one of the way this can manifest. You do not have to have an addiction to join us. After all, our goal is FREEDOM, not addiction recovery. We teach you to be free from letting anything or anyone, outside of ourselves, take our control away. We teach you to be the artist of your life and to build resiliency - and that is beneficial for everyone! Our heart centered approach is to create radical transformation, through radical love and self acceptance. We are so grateful you're here, and we hope to get to know you soon to see how we can help you design the life of your dreams! 




Community Mission Statement: 

To create a safe space for humans to be humans. To form a tribe of folks who aspire to evolve, heal, and grow together. To foster a community that supports, celebrates, and respects one another's journey, helping all of us reach our highest selves and timeline. And so it is. 

A little taste....

Join Amanda Rae as she leads you through a quick breath-work intro video. 

Giving Back 

Guiding the way to a better world.

At Cosmic Soul Recovery, we are dedicated to helping those seeking to overcome and heal addiction. We provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for our clients to find the help and support they need. We focus on empowering our clients to take back control of their lives and to find the courage and strength to make positive changes.

Our team of experienced and compassionate coaches understand the challenges our clients face and are dedicated to providing the best possible care and support. We understand that healing is costly, so we also help fund scholarships for addiction recovery and safe, legit plant medicine ceremonies, to ensure that no one is left behind. If you would like to help our cause, click the ‘Donate’ button below.

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