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Client Testimonials

"Amanda changed my life introducing me to this plant medicine to help with the cure of addiction. It's super important to stay connected with someone like Amanda after the initial ibogaine treatment, she is more than a coach, she literally heals. I truly and honestly could not of done this without her. Thank you will just never suffice!"

Lexi Hart

Working with Amanda, has been extremely transformative! Her ability to move energy, dissolve blocks, and help you step into your higher self, is truly one of kind. This beautiful soul radiates unconditional love for everyone, and is very gifted at what she does.
If you're looking for enlightenment and to further your capabilities as a spiritual being having a human experience, Amanda is a solid choice for coaching you on your journey!!

Ricky Zacarelli

No one will make you feel better about yourself than Amanda! She is so patient & understanding you will always trust you are on the right path, even when it doesn't feel like it. She helped me believe in my power again & that is worth everything!"

Jen Gebhart

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