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Client Testimonials

Find out what our clients are saying about us below. 

"Working with Amanda, has been extremely transformative! Her ability to move energy, dissolve blocks, and help you step into your higher self, is truly one of kind. This beautiful soul radiates unconditional love for everyone, and is very gifted at what she does."

- Ricky Zaccarelli

"I highly recommend working with Ellie as a coach. She brings multiple healing modalities to the table and is highly supportive and invested in helping you reach your goals. Her flexibility in scheduling and willingness to work through the tough stuff together was so appreciated! Lots to learn and always helpful in sharing her wisdom and care. 

- Elizabeth R.

"If you're looking for enlightenment and to further your capabilities as a spiritual being having a human experience, Amanda is a solid choice for coaching you on your journey!!"

- Lexi Hart

"Kindness, compassion, and heart are the words that come to mind for Ellie Wade. I have had the honor of co-creating energetically with Ellie since 2015. She has a great way of connecting with others and her intentional art is high frequency! As her Reiki teacher, friend, and healing recipient, I recommend Ellie's services. 

-Buffy LaRoux of Buffy's Boutique in Winter Haven, FL 

"No one will make you feel better about yourself than Amanda! She is so patient and understanding you will always trust you are on the right path, even when it doesn't feel like it. She helped me believe in my power again & that is worth everything!"

- Jen Gebhart

Soul Recovery Meeting - Client Testimonials

"The Soul Recovery Group that is held by Amanda and Ellie on Wednesday nights is super great. Let me tell you why. If you’ve been to AA or NA or any of the “A”s, you know that there are meetings, people, support, and of course the 12 steps. Soul Recovery is similar but it adds elements that normally aren’t talked about in the “A” meetings. It’s the awareness that there are deeper issues spiritually, physically, energetically that create addictions and there are other ways to have support in doing that without creating a rigid, fear-based, you must be completely sober of everything to join or remain a part of. We talk about so many things from spiritual experiences to deeply emotional wounds that have had an effect on our lives. There are similarities and differences and new perspectives and different resources offered by Amanda and Ellie as well as other participants. I’ve found it helpful in committing to this meeting every week and being able to share what is going on in my life and creating connection with others where I might not feel comfortable sharing in other settings. I’ve been through AA and I’ve found that being less rigid in what recovery is, expressing my doubts and distrust of God, not having to call myself an addict/alcoholic, and not feeling like there are conditions to join has been super helpful and a relief for me.


Thank you both for holding this weekly meeting for all of us who want to find another way to live life and who may not have another space safe enough to express ourselves." 


"Hello, I am Denise and I came across Amanda Rea tik tok over a year ago and was drawn in immediately. I resonated with what she was saying and wanted to learn more from her. It helped me to feel more comfortable. Then after about a year into fallowing cosmicsoulrecovery on tik tok I heard of a group she was putting together to meet once a week. And that's where I met Ellie. Once again it was a great connection with so much love and understanding. Helped me to realize that what I was going through was normal and there are different ways to see the opportunities. The information shared (about spirituality knowledge, books, and you tube videos) to help continue on my own individual path were amazing. The comradery I feel being part of this community is absolutely wonderful, and I am so appreciative The first workshop I attended was a breath work session, which I had very little experience with, and again was made to feel comfortable and to understand what possibilities were possible and kinda what to expect. Overall it's something I look forward to every week. Thank you so much for putting this together for us."




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