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The Healing Power of Fungi


Micro-Dosing 101


What is Psilocybin? (aka Magic Mushrooms)

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring a chemical compound that is obtained from a fungus and is well known for causing hallucinations, but it's so much more than that! In fact, this magical compound is found in over 200 fungal species! When an aspect of nature dies, it decomposes, and from the remains of what once was, springs forth Mushrooms! Fungi are also the sex organ of the Mycelia Network. We like to think of them as the road to rising your inner Phoenix!


Did you know?

Fungi are notably more closely related to humans, than they are to plants?! That's right, that means mushrooms are not actually vegetables. Fungi are actually in a category all on their ownI

How does it work? 

Did you know that the Mycelia Network has more connections than our brain's neural pathways?! This wise network acts like nature's WIFI and is what truly connects us, to all that is! It lives inside every living thing on this planet! The Mycelia Network is connected to an infinite wealth of Universal knowledge - and 'magic mushrooms' can help you tap into it! 


So, nature provides us with a tool that enables us to more easily process emotions, open our minds to new patterns and perspectives, and helps your brain build new connections. With the help of this medicine, we are more easily able to expand on the connection within ourselves, take on new lifestyle changes with greater ease, and open our minds and learn new healthier patterns with the medicine helping those synapses stick in the background.  One can expect to gain new insights into themselves, their relationships, with their world. The medicine helps us to be more present, which allows us to make connections from our behaviors and surroundings that we might not otherwise have taken the time to see.  

What is micro-dosing used for therapeutically

Lots of things.... Psilocybin has been known to help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, ADHD, Migraines, some mood disorders, OCD, eating disorders, alcoholism, nicotine dependance, and more!


When done with correctly and with intention, it can transform your perspective, and therefore, your whole life! If you use it therapeutically, the fungi helps to open you up to uncover the ROOT issue of whatever problem you are trying to solve - and it is by clearing at the ROOT that we make lasting change! 

Did you know?

It is believed that humans have been using plants to commune with spirits for over 5,000 years!

Final Thoughts: 

There is a reason they call them "Magic Mushrooms"! They are powerful and by teaching us how to feel our emotions more freely, when things do come up for us, we are more easily able to accept it so that we can feel, heal, and deal. It also teaches us to look at things from a new perspective.


Remember, the medicine will always give us what we need to heal, and sometimes, that looks different than how we think it should. So, if you choose to go down this path without support - please make sure you do your research. This medicine needs to be respected and used with intention, keeping safety in mind,  for it to be used to create change. 

Personal Note: Following Amanda's experience with Ibogaine, she had no one to help guide her through her recovery. It was the spirit of the mushroom that became her teacher and guide.


"Psilocybin is a very intelligent medicine; being the WIFI of nature and all, it can work miracles in helping to heal mental health disorders, learning disabilities, & addiction." -Amanda Rae. 

How does Cosmic Soul Recovery help? 

If you choose to explore micro-dosing in your area, we can support you with the therapeutic aspect of the process during our coaching sessions, by offering advice, support, knowledge, journal prompts, breathing techniques, and more to help you learn to use the medicine in a healing, safe, and respectful way. We can also be a knowledgable sounding board for finding the right dose and schedule for you when first you're first starting out, because that can be super tricky (and can be scary) to do on your own. 

Micro-dosing vs. tripping - is it the same? 

Not at all! Let's break it down. Micro-dosing is when you take a very small dose (0.5g or less) of psilocybin on a regular basis, for an extended, predetermined period of time. This is usually done in cycles. People follow different rules of thumb for the scheduling aspect of this process, but generally speaking, you alternate between days on and off, allowing yourself time to integrate in between. When you are micro-dosing at the correct amount for therapeutic purposes, you do not "get high" and should not be hallucinating. However, you should feel the spirit of the Mushrooms with you, and usually an over all feeling of peace and connectivity. When done with intention, it can be life-changing! Figuring out the exact right dose for you is a personal process, and also depends on the kind of fungi you have access to. 

Macro-dosing (taking more than 0.5g) is where you will start to see some visuals and can have increased sensations in your body.


A flood dose (taking more than 1.5g) of this medicine is what people refer to as 'tripping'. A flood dose of this medicine can be incredibly transformative, expansive, and in many cases life changing. 



Our Point of View on Dosing:

When used on a micro-dose level, this medicine becomes especially easy to use in our reality on a regular basis.  We believe there is a time and place for a flood dose, but that is not our focus at Cosmic Soul Recovery. 

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