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Welcome Cosmic Soul!

I'm happy you made it here! My name is Amanda Rae & I created Cosmic Soul Recovery, an alternative road to recovery & healing. I believe we are ALL recovering from something, & substances are just one of the many ways this can manifest. I hope to offer support, community, resources & much more as our CSR community expands. To be included in emails with links to MEETINGS, updates & more please subscribe above. Thank you for being here & being apart of an expanding community that embraces radical  transformation through radical love & self acceptance!

"Two roads diverged in the wood, & I took the one less traveled by & that has made all the difference"

-Robert Frost

The 12 Steps of Soul Recovery:

  1. Step 1:We admitted we didn't know how to control our subconscious protection mechanisms

  2. Step 2:We came to believe that along with a Higher Power we could co-create a new reality for ourselves 

  3. Step 3:We made the decision to align our Will with the Will of our Highest self & timeline

  4. Step 4:We bravely explored all the wrongs done to us & through us that kept us in a shame cycle & became willing to set them free

  5. Step 5:We admitted to ourselves & accepted our role & choice in these matters & if needed for support or a mirror sought help from our fellowship or a guide

  6. step 6:We surrendered all shame, guilt, resentment & suffering to our Higher self for healing & transmutation 

  7. Step 7: We repeat step 6 as many times as needed & possible!

  8. Step 8:We made a list of all the things in life we CAN control & became willing to work at those things everyday

  9. Step 9:We made amends where we could & honoured the feelings of those we had hurt when operating from our lower selves 

  10. Step 10:We took responsibility for how we show up in the world & for ourselves in our thoughts, words, actions& reactions knowing this is all we can control & what dictates our reality 

  11. Step 11: Through practices that strengthen our relationship & connection to our highest self we continued to build trust with ourselves, clear old wounds & traumas, rediscover self love, & create a home within our bodies & community.

  12. Step 12: As a result of this Spiritual Awakening we seek to share this message of hope & a new way of BEING to everyone we meet through our vibration, essence, truth & authentic expression!

My Story

After experiencing many traumas by age 25, an 8 year long abusive relationship with opiates, in & out of jails and treatment centers, and diagnosed with an array of mental health disorders, I frankly had nothing left to lose & very little hope left. With my last shred of hope I sought the spirit of Iboga for healing. 

That was 8 years ago now & I can tell you with certainty that it was the best decision I ever made. However, I can also tell you that as powerful & transformative as this medicine is, it's what you DO with it afterwards that makes all the difference. I did not have anywhere to turn for advice on how to integrate what I had just experienced. Who was I supposed to be now? How do I get there? What step can I take next? It was an overwhelming task to take on alone, but I did it one step at a time, & not without a few bumps & lessons on the road.

Over the last 8 years I have accumulated a well of knowledge, tools, & practices that changed my life beyond comprehension & it is my passion to share these tools with others. I wanted to be the person I needed after my experience. Through this journey I have been connected with many Souls who have been able to heal their addictions, impulses, & disorders through holistic healing. My joy is to bring us ALL together, to share each of our personal medicines, essences, & truths! I hope we can all support one another in this Human process of recovering our Soul spark, & reigniting our sense of wonder, joy & excitement to be ALIVE! 

That is why I created Cosmic Soul Recovery, & that is what I hope to share with all of you!


Upcoming Events

  • Soul Recovery presents: A Breath Work Journey
    Apr 01, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Virtual Event
    You can go MIND bending & HEART opening places with your breath alone! You have all you need!!
  • Caribbean Bufo Retreat
    Fri, Apr 14
    Caribbean Bufo
    Apr 14, 7:00 PM – Apr 20, 7:00 PM
    Caribbean Bufo, The Bahamas
    Deep healing in paradise
  • Evoke Divinity Retreat
    Apr 28, 7:00 PM – May 01, 7:00 PM
    TBD, South Carolina, USA
    Evoke your divine nature & step into the NOW!

My approach to coaching

"True life is lived when tiny changes occur" - Leo Toltsoy

First, pat yourself on the back for making it this far! Change can be a scary thing, especially when we feel like we have to take the task on alone. However, you are not alone & in fact the goal of Cosmic Soul Recovery is to connect all of us who haven't found what we are looking for in traditional recovery & therapy spaces.

My approach to coaching & recovery is through RADICAL love, forgiveness & acceptance. First, I believe that we are ALL recovering from something, & substance abuse is one of the many ways this can manifest in our lives. Many people are able to go about their lives controlled by their subconscious programming in a way that is "socially acceptable" & therefore don't get the opportunity to take a deep look at themselves in order to live a life of FREEDOM. Freedom is the goal here, not sobriety. While sobriety can be an aspect of your personal freedom, placing all of our focus & attention ,or even lack there of on the SUBSTANCE itself, continues to give your power away to it. It is still controlling you from the sidelines, just waiting for you to "mess up"

There are many amazing & nothing short of miraculous tools found in plant & psychedelic medicines. Tools that on the traditional path of "sobriety" are condemned. To me, recovery & sobriety are not synonymous. I believe it is our natural drive & urge to want to explore our consciousness & In fact it is the suppression of this instinct, the shame & judgement placed on it that fuels the fire of addiction.

By removing the shame & looking to understand what our addiction is trying to show us about ourselves, we set ourselves free from the social conditioning that we are somehow broken, We are not broken, we are not malfunctioning, we are not cursed by our genetics & we surely are not held captive to our own minds. When we take our power back by owning our CHOICE & diving deeper into our subconscious programming we are able to heal at the ROOT. Once we heal the underlying drive, typically childhood trauma, we are able to then choose if we want to have a relationship with the substance or not, When we work at the root cause we naturally start to make healthier decisions, relationship choices, decisions more in alignment with who we authentically are!


I work with a variety of healing techniques & plant medicine paths because recovery is not a one size fits all thing! This is where traditional recovery has failed us. While the insights gained on any of these medicine journeys are life changing it truly is what you DO with them afterwards that makes all the difference. I offer a variety of tools, techniques, coping skills & support to be able to help you integrate these experience into your life with grace & ease. It won't be easy. There is no magic pill! However, if you are ready for a deep change & ready to take the steps needed to heal yourself than that is exactly what you will receive!

I hope to offer Cosmic Soul Recovery as a resource for plant medicine education & sources, fellowship & community, courses & webinars as well as a store whose proceeds will be going to the Soul Recovery Foundation; providing  scholorships for alternative treatment to addicts. If you are interested in learning more about just some of these amazing medicines please check out my educational pages on Ibogaine & Psilocybin! If you are interested in learning more about coaching with me please fill out the request form & I will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you for supporting my mission!

Amanda changed my life introducing me to this plant medicine to help with the cure of addiction. It's super important to stay connected with someone like Amanda after the initial ibogaine treatment, she is more than a coach, she literally heals. I truly and honestly could not of done this without her. Thank you will just never suffice!

Lexi Hart

Working with Amanda, has been extremely transformative! Her ability to move energy, dissolve blocks, and help you step into your higher self, is truly one of kind. This beautiful soul radiates unconditional love for everyone, and is very gifted at what she does.
If you're looking for enlightenment and to further your capabilities as a spiritual being having a human experience, Amanda is a solid choice for coaching you on your journey!!

Ricky Zicarelli

I was a little apprehensive to reach out to for coaching at first because my addiction seemed so trivial compared to substance addictions. It turns out coaching was one of the best decisions I ever made. 


Amanda always took care to listen to my concerns and lovingly help me through them without ever making me feel judged for the things I struggled with. 


Her advice and homework was beyond helpful and truly felt catered to me and my needs. I’m a better, more whole person after my time with Amanda. 


If you’re ready to heal and want true support through it, there’s not a better person suited for the task

Colene Black

After getting clean and clear headed with the assistance of Ibogaine I was lost in a Forrest of mirrors, not knowing who I was or what to do with my life. Amanda is much like a wilderness guide when you're lost, keeping you on the right path when you simply don't know which path to take. She's been there and can help cultivate belief and confidence in oneself when there is none left after years of trauma and addiction robs us of this vital inner light. Highly recommend this understanding, non judgemental individual with a very special light of her own that can help guide you through the challenges we all face when suddenly confronted with a freshly sober reality. 

Sean Montgomery

Ocean Rocks

"Our virtues & our failings are inseparable, like force & matter once separate man exists no more"
- Nikola Tesla

Lets get in touch!

Virtual or In person if you are in the Milwaukee, WI Area


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