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Have You Cleared the Garden in Your Mind?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Let us show you how!

Cosmic Soul Recovery can help you learn how to clear away anything that is no longer serving you so that you can grow and bloom - the way you are designed to be!

I will begin by asking if you have you ever made the connection, that our minds and gardens have similar needs in terms of healing and maintenance?

When we learn to live our lives presently and with awareness, our world can become the most interesting and magical classroom ever! There is so much wisdom to be gained just from observing Mother Nature.

wildflowers in the ground with the sun shining. Credit to UnSplash.
We are all unique and need different things to shine - and that's OK!

Have you ever thought about the connection between our mind and a garden bed?

This analogy came to me on a beautiful sunny day in Tampa, Florida, when I was out weeding my front garden bed. As I pulled the weeds out of the ground, with the sun on my back, I happily realized that most of the weeds were only at the surface, and were actually quite easy to remove.

“Well, this is new,” I thought to myself. Then, as I reflected on the different states I have seen this garden bed in, my mind began to wander.

front garden bed, flowers, mulch, stone bungalow
With a little hard work, my garden bed has come a long way!

Flashing back to just a few months prior, when my husband and I first moved into this little bungalow; back to when the front garden beds were overtaken with weeds and unhealthy plants. I remembered digging out the beds, pulling out each weed from it’s root, and using different tools to clear the area. For some, my hands were enough to remove them, I just needed to finger hook it the base. But, for others, I needed a shovel - and had to use my weight for leverage just to get the thing out!

As I returned to the present moment, I looked at the garden bed, and in its well-manicured state, I admired the bright white, blooming gardenias, the red firecracker bushes, and the fresh mulch that laid over the bottom.

I thought about how much easier weeding the garden bed was today, compared to before. I have also been giving it regular care and attention, tending to its needs, etc. In return, it gives back by blooming beautifully and adding to my curb appeal. Then, I thought about how our minds work much the same way.

Follow along with me for a sec... I'll connect the dots soon.

So, let's say, you seek out doing a plant medicine in a ceremony, and using it as a tool to help you clear out those deep seated, hard to get at roots of unhealed trauma and conditioning.

This can be just like when you are clearing out your garden bed, but instead, you're clearing out your mind!

Are you following me?

So, the medicine works like the shovel to remove all of those deep rooted traumas, emotions, and stuck matter from your mind and energy bodies, much like I initially did in my garden bed. (I have also gone through this whole process I'm describing on the other side). But, you see, you will still have to put some muscle behind it, but the tool (or medicine) makes it much easier to free any problems you might have.

Ok, so to take the analogy further, what if, when you do a guided breath-work journey, it's like when you're tilling the soil. You are oxygenating it and mixing it all up, which helps uncover things that no longer belong. It loosens the soil, which helps uncover pieces of old plant matter that are just below the surface, and often, even things we're not aware of!

So, when you combine these two tools, it's like giving yourself a totally fresh start! These processes, this clearing out and tilling of this soil, allows people to free themselves from anything that no longer serves their highest good and greatest potential!

Watch the video to learn more


So, we help you find a way to have a clean slate, then what?

Now, if you're still following my analogy, just like weeding the front garden bed after fully clearing and tilling the soil, it then becomes so much easier to keep it clear and plant the seeds you choose to. This works much the same after an experience that clears your mind and energy bodies, it becomes easier to maintain that state after the tough first big clearing!

Just like in the garden, how I didn't need the same tools to achieve a clear garden bed the next time around, neither will you in your mind, afterwards.

After that initial clearing, I evaluated the landscape, and I worked with what was there to design the garden I wanted. I was able to plant what I wanted now, and was in the space to give it the love and attention it deserves, and so, now I get to watch it grow and bloom!

Do I still need to weed the bed?! Yes, absolutely! But, I am able to do it with much less effort now, because I do it regularly. The same theory can be applied to our minds.

Now, I am not saying you need to do plant medicine ceremonies on the regular. That's a shovel tool, remember? However, if you've never done it, it is worth the experience!

But, really - What other tools do we have that can be used regularly? Well, we have breath-work, meditation, any form of creating, dancing, singing; all the things that help to ground our energies into the Earth and connect us with our bodies - however that works for YOU!

So, you use those tools regularly. Pick the ones that resonate with you.

Most importantly, you pick one or two of those things to do on the daily. YOU DO THAT for 15 - 20 minutes a day, and I promise you - even without the plant medicine or a big clearing - your garden bed will begin to feel good again!

I can't express to you just how important it is to take that time for yourself every single day. To give the garden in your mind some love, attention, and care. It is the single most important thing you can do!

I must warn you, however, if you are ready to clear out the garden of your mind, you must be prepared to have a hard look at the soil either before or afterwards. You will need to figure out what nutrients it actually needs to produce the things you desire, and be ready to decide what you do want to plant in your garden afterwards.

What do you want it to look and feel like in there? Consider what your landscape enables you to grow, cause we all have some parts of our landscape that are immoveable - and then, you get to work and start cultivating that garden you desire to be.

I promise, that afterwards, when you go back to weed it again, you will realize that it gets easier every time you do it, and that you've since acquired some new tools along the way that help you keep it clear more easily and effectively. Our memberships and coaching plans can help with this.

I would like to close by saying, that this analogy... might turn into a series. So, I hope you dig it! LOL

In creating this first edition of our blog, I have come up with so much from looking at this concept, that I have decided that the only way to do it justice is to share it in digestible nuggets!

I also want to remind you that Cosmic Soul Recovery is here to help you do exactly what this article is talking about. Amanda Rae and I are here to help you learn how to clear out your mind's garden bed, and with our services and packages , we also are here to help you learn how to maintain the garden in your minds. We've got it all - and we are here for you, whenever you are ready. All you have to do - is reach out!

If you are interested in learning more about us, please visit our website at

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