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The Healing Powers of Orgonite

What Does it Do and How Does it Work? 


What is Orgonite? 

Orgonite is a positive energy generating device that helps to balance and harmonize the people, animals, plants, and atmosphere in proximity. Orgonite is created by the fusion of resin (organic material) and metal shavings (inorganic materials). Traditionally made with only a quartz crystal, nowadays, you will find Orgonite with many different healing stones inside. 


How does it work?  

The vibration of the organic particles (resin) and crystals within the shape are activated to move at a higher rate, increasing the charge of 'Orgone' energy production with the metal shavings, works to scatter the energy in a clearing and dispelling way. Orgone, the name given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, for this effective energy he discovered how to manipulate, is described similarly to what other cultures refer to as Prana, Chi, or Life Force Energy. So, in essense, Orgonite works to unblock your energy centers and clear densities of negative energy in the atmosphere; be it from EMFs,  emotions stuck, etc. and the energy created helps to maintain a flowing state within and around it. 


The History: 

The word Orgonite comes from the term ‘Orgone,’ the name given by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to this electromagnetic energy he discovered.  He went on to build the "Orgone Energy Accumulater", which was a healing box therapy he developed in the early 20th century to help rid the body of what he called "Deadly Orgone Energy" or DOR. This DOR energy, is similar to what we talk about as trapped emotions and traumas - blockages in our energetic systems - which many evidences are beginning to prove true with holistic healings and new scientific evidence from the quantum physics field.  


Reich created this box with a layering of metal shavings and organic material (wool and other things), and he was able to amplify this Orgone energy and remove the blockages or trapped emotions, or 'DOR' as he called it, which had evidence of drastically improving his patients' symptoms. Discounting his findings, the FDA got involved and actually put him in jail to stop him, and then burned most of his research and books on the subject of Orgone. Dr. Wilhelm Reich actually died in jail in 1957.

To learn more about the history of Orgone energy and Dr. Wilhelm Reich's findings and story, click the button below. 








How did we go from Dr. Reich's healing box, to pyramids and other shapes?

The devices of Orgonite are modeled after the therapy box designed by Reich, he called "Orgone Energy Accumulator". But Orgonite was created by Austrian occultist, inventor, and graduate of mathematics and physics, named Karl Hanz Welz.  In 1991, Welz built the first 'orgone generator' and named and trademarked it as Orgonite. Later on, psychic Carol Croft discovered that if you add quartz crystal/s to the mix or organic and inorganic materials, the crystal energy/frequency enables the accumulation of Orgone energy and also transmutes harmful environmental EMF waves into positive life force energy, making them able to generally elevate your environment.

 Using sacred geometry to amplify the intent, also brings other healing energies into the mix. 

Are all Orgonites the same? 

To put it simply, no, they are not. We do not claim our pieces to be official Orgone generators or accumulators and we are  not creating the trademarked versions of Orgonite. That said, Ellie employs similar recipes and practices to the making of her art, and each piece is a channeled, physical expression of intent. Ellie crafts all resin pieces with the highest quality materials, her own unique Reiki healing intentions, and using the same principles of 50/50 mix of inorganic vs organic materials - when the piece is labeled as "orgonite.' 


What makes ours special? 

After learning the premise of making Orgonite, she was intrigued on how to harness it's power into the creation of spiritual tools, and not just for Reiki healers or to have pretty art that helps clear your environment. IShe wanted to be able to use it - have it work for her so to speak. So she researched and figured out how to, and this is what you see in our store today under Resin Art. 

FYI: Not all of our resin art is intended to be Orgonite; some pieces are just beautiful works of art. Orgonite pieces will be labeled accordingly. 

Is it food safe? 

Yes, unless specifically noted otherwise, the type of epoxy that Ellie uses is non toxic, has zero VOCs, and is food grade level safe. She also only uses real healing crystals and good quality metals in her Orgonite pieces. 

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