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What is an integration coach, and why should I get one?

Hiring a coach to help you integrate past traumas and explore new ways of being, cuts your healing time in half! As coaches, our job is similar to that of a personal trainer at the gym. If you went there and had never been taught how to use any of the gym equipment, you might be able to get by, lose a few pounds, and make some minor improvements. But, odds are you'll get bored, frustrated, and give up if you go about it alone. 


However, if you invested in a personal trainer, you are far more likely to make gains towards your goals at the gym significantly faster, and with a higher likelihood of lasting results.  Plus, you gain knowledge that you get to keep forever, so you can keep yourself there. 

Hiring an integration coach gives you someone in your corner who can teach you how to get there, and provide you with the knowledge to maintain your new way of being in the world! 

Coaching Questions

What are your coaching fees?

We offer different coaching packages that have different benefits and timelines. Please check out our Plans and Pricing page for more info by clicking the button below. 


It's important to note, that we feel it is important to find ways to work with everyone, because we remember what it's like.  So, please don't be afraid to ask for help! Remember, this is an investment you are making in yourself, and while you might not realize it right now, YOU ARE worth a whole lot more than you think! Let us show you! 

What can you help me heal?

We are experienced in helping others with spiritual awakenings, addiction recovery, anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, overcoming abuse, codependency, PTSD, low self-esteem, and more.  We also specialize in integrating lessons learned during psychedelic experiences, in order to apply them in your daily life. Ultimately, our intention is always to help you reach your highest potential and get you past whatever blocks are specific to YOU.  

What makes this difference? 

Because you investing in yourself, there is money on the table, and money is always a motivator. This exchange of energy and material goods, makes you accountable to another human, who is knowledgeable in the area you are looking to improve.  Simply put, by hiring a coach, you increase your odds of lasting success significantly!

Do you have to sign up for a coaching plan to purchase services? 

No. We offer a few different services that can be purchased without a plan or membership, such as Reiki Healings, Human Design Readings and Reports, custom art keepsakes. To learn more about our a la carte services, click the button below. 

What is the Cosmic Soul Recovery coaching difference? 

We have combined integration coaching, energy healing, Human Design insight, and so much more to create our method.  Amanda and Ellie have big dreams and heartfelt passion for creating a better world by helping others heal, find their light, and transform into their highest selves. This activation spreads light throughout the Universe.  


As two Human Design Emotional Projectors (Amanda is a 6/2 and Ellie is a 1/3), we both are designed to be guides for others on this path of the soul's evolution.  We teach you how to connect with yourself to find your own inner wisdom, how to discover your own innate gifts, and ultimately, we show you how to get to the point of living a life that you love. We help you find peace with yourself, your past, your present, and even excitement towards your future. That's the goal, no matter where you are starting out, we will be dedicated to you getting there!. 

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is what people refer to as "Magic Mushrooms". They are actually the sex organs of the Mycelia Network, and are connected to everything in nature. Hence, why they tend to make people very connected to themselves, others, and even, their environments. 

Plant Medicine Information Guide

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a psychedelic substance found in the Iboga plant, a Western African shrub. Historically, it has been used in healing ceremonies and initiation rituals in the Bwiti religion in West Africa. 


Ibogaine is very powerful and should be properly respected; it is a very healing and intelligent plant medicine. After an experience with this medicine, your brain is very malleable and it is the best time to start new habits and begin to rewire your brain with new thought patterns. We believe that's where the magic can really happen, in the aftermath. 

Product Questions 

NOTE: The Cosmic Store's spiritual tools inventory is coming soon. The first round of products will be up for sale by June 1st! 

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is art with an energetic healing twist! Created with a 50/50 mix of organic material (resin) and inorganic material (metal), these beauties are used to clear spaces of negative energy, protect you from EMF waves, and bonus, they make really pretty pieces of art to display in your home or office.  Click the button to learn more!

We specialize in using this material to create spiritual tools to help you on your healing journey.


NOTE: Pieces created to be true orgonite, will be labeled as such on their listing as we have a variety of other resin art available. . 

What kind of keepsakes do you make? 

Ellie loves to preserve special moments in time inside of different molds with resin and healing crystals. She can include things like flowers, baby shoes, words to remember, invitations, trinkets, etc. She has a talent for finding little things from what you wish to include from your day, that is very thoughtful and then balances it within the art. These are very unique, personalized pieces of art! 


Whether it's for a wedding, a special birthday, big life milestone, retirement, graduation, or the passing of a loved one - we can make you a beautiful keepsake! Contact us for more information. 

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