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The healing power of Fungi

All about micro-dosing

Everything in Nature is connected through the mycelia network. Its like natures WIFI & is what truly connects us to all that is! It lives inside every living thing on this planet, & when an aspect of nature dies it decomposes & from the remains of what once was, springs forth Mushrooms! Fungi are the sex organ of the mycelia network. Did you know the mushrooms genetic composition is more closely related to humans than plants? Egyptians considered the Fungi to be the "plant of immortality" & it is pretty clear why when using psilocybin mushrooms to help us heal!
Now while a flood dose of this medicine is incredibly transformative, expansive & in many cases life changing, when used on a micro-dose level this medicine becomes especially easy to integrate into our reality on a daily basis, & provides us with a tool that will help us to more easily process emotions, energy, & just life in general. Similar to how ibogaine works in making changes to our lives, mushrooms help to revert our brains back to that "sponge" space helping to create new Nero-pathways to more easily create new routines, reprogram our thoughts, & see things from a higher perspective. It can definitely aid us in feeling intense emotions, or emotions in general for those of us who feel numb or stuck. When used at a micro level you do not "get high"; you do feel the spirit of the Mushroom with you & usually an over all feeling of peace & connectivity. That way when things do come up for you because the medicine will always give us what we need, we are more easily able to feel, heal & deal as well as look at things from a new perspective. 
With the help of this medicine we will more easily be able to expand on our connection with ourselves, take on new lifestyle changes with more ease, feel our connection to source & our heart chakras, & gain new insights & connections that will help aid us in our healing journey. 
Following my experience with Ibogaine, & having no one to help guide me, the spirit of the mushroom became my teacher & my guide. It is a veryyyy intelligent medicine, being the knowledge WIFI of nature & all, & can work miracles in helping to heal mental health disorders, learning disabilities, & addiction.

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