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What is Ibogaine

How can it help me?

Ibogaine is a powerful psychedelic medicine that comes from the Iboga root, a shrub found in West Africa & used in tribal cultures as a rite of passage & welcoming of adulthood as well as a medicine for healing a multitude of aliments. It is currently illegal in the USA & many other countries but is used all over the World to help treat addiction, mental illness, & in many cases even physical illness. 
On a spiritual & energetic level what the medicine is doing is helping to put you in touch with stored traumas from this life & past lives that are currently running the show within your subconscious mind & can be difficult to tap into on our own. Addiction, mental illness & even physical illness is a result of unprocessed emotions & traumas that we have stored in our bodies. Our bodies, loving us so much, tires to protect us from truly having to feel these traumas & pains but in doing so, stores the memories deep within our subconscious minds, cellular structure & DNA.
Each experience is highly personal & varies depending on our reason for connecting with its spirit & what the medicine has to show us. The key for all experiences however is to surrender to what the medicine wants you to know. It can unlock a lot of repressed emotions & even trigger physical purging of all of this dense & stuck energy. It mainly works on our lower chakras where many of us store these traumas & hold back our power & authentic selves in order to protect ourselves from having to go through the same experiences. However, what ends up happening in our lives is that we subconsciously manifest similar situations in order for us to finally acknowledge, heal & deal with these repressed emotions. Over the course of our Souls existence we can become fragmented, leaving pieces of ourselves stuck in other moments in time where we felt powerless, scared, & deeply hurt. The medicine can help to retrieve these aspects we otherwise can feel are missing which can create a deep sense of "homesickness" within us, which many times is labeled as depression. 
As you can imagine clearing these traumas, healing our DNA & quiet literally quantum leaping into a new dimension of being is a lot for our bodies to undertake! Everyone has a different amount of time that it takes to recover from this healing, & that is also why it is crucial to work with a coach or a guide to help you better ground & integrate this medicine. It can literally feel sometimes like "what am I supposed to do with this body!?" as if you are feeling what It truly means to be in one for the first time. The first 3 months after your experience you will feel the medicine guiding & supporting you & it is the most optimal time to make new habits & routines as well as reprogramming our new thought processes. Think of how much of a sponge you were from birth until age 5! It is literally like being reborn in that sense! You will feel much more open to everything, & also more sensitive. If you have been numbing your gifts, abilities & sensitivities for years, if not your whole life, because you were taught that these gifts made you broken or "diseased", it can be very overwhelming at first to begin to feel it all again, but it gets easier everyday. The medicine helps to solidify your connection to Spirit, your purpose in this World & how powerful you truly are! It will also help you to see where you have been holding yourself back & all of the ways we have become a victim of our own creation & reality verses the artist of it!
Life will always be life, & it will always include its ups & downs, curveballs & heartbreak, but that doesn't have to control you! When we start emitting our own frequency & stop absorbing the frequencies of the World around us everything changes! This medicine is a catalyst in helping you to do that. it provides the clean slate & fertile ground in which to plant new seeds, but you are still the gardener! I do not doubt this medicines ability to heal most anything when it is intended to do so & we are willing to do the work afterwards & listen to the guidance that the medicine gives us!

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