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Our Team

 at Cosmic Soul Recovery

Meet Your Dynamic Duo!

Amanda Rae

Amanda is an integration coach who specializes in alternative recovery, integrating psychedelic experiences, and Kundalini awakenings.


Following a transformative experience with a plant medicine called Ibogaine in 2014, which helped to heal her of an addiction to heroin, Amanda answered the call of her spirit to find alternative ways to help work with things like addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety & really, what we call the human condition. Using tools like plant medicine, Human Design, energy healing, breath-work, meditation and much more, Amanda has been able to transform her life in ways she never dreamt possible! Now, she is passionate about helping others do the same! She uses her gifts as a sensitive and medium to teach others how to open up to their own unique gifts and intuition.

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Ellie Wade

Ellie is an Instructional Designer, Reiki Healer, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, and former Elementary School Teacher. Recently transitioned from the classroom to Instructional Design, Ellie met Amanda at just the right time. This pairing allowed her to transfer her passion for education to the world of holistic healing practices, making it possible to share the teachings that helped her heal with others.  Ellie is answering her call to create learning experiences for evolving souls of all ages, in order to help them find their authentic self expression on their path through this life! 


Ellie was raised in a very eclectic and spiritual way, and with a very unstable home life. A second generation natural spiritualist, she has been using energy work, spiritual practices, rituals, and crystals for healing since before she could talk! She is also a second generation artist; so, artistic talent runs in the family! 


Through energy healing, traditional therapies, learning Human Design, meditation, yoga, breath-work, somatic processes, and art  - she has learned to reframe her past, and examine the gifts these lessons brought to her, rather than focusing on the pain. Now, she is passionate about helping others do the same. 

At Cosmic Soul Recovery, our approach to coaching is through radical love, teaching self acceptance, and building resilience in the mind and body using different healing modalities.  We believe in, and have seen our method work to create radical transformation! 

Our Approach


Cosmic Soul Recovery follows a holistic approach to coaching that focuses on healing and restoring the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Our services are designed to help you get grounded in your body, reconnect with your soul and spirit, and discover your true gifts. Between Reiki Healings to help you open and balance your emotional and subtle energy bodies, Human Design readings to better understand who you are and what you are here to do, and our courses, workshops, and coaching programs; it's easy to see that we have a pretty unique method! We also use breath-work, meditation, neurolinguistic reprogramming, EFT, nervous system regulation, visualization techniques, and so much more!

Unfortunately, there is so much shame around addiction and substance use, but the truth is, everyone is addicted to something! Be it a substance, a behavior, or even a subconscious protection mechanism... Old patterns are hard to break and everyone can use some extra support in finding their way to back to ththemselves! We are passionate about working with you on recovery and integration, but, it's important to note that we do not take on clients in active addiction. This is because we know, first hand, that until you are ready to change, you won't. But if you're eager to make that shift, we can, and would love to, point you in the right direction so you can get help to get through the initial withdrawals. Then, and once you are at least two weeks clean, we can start coaching. 

Our Take on Addiction

We're here for you when you're ready to make the choice to get, and stay, clean! 

To us, recovery and sobriety are not synonymous. When working with addiction, we don't focus on the substance that was in control. Instead, we focus on what the addiction is trying to show us about ourselves. We look at how that pattern has served us in the past, and learn to reframe it, so that we can recognize it and be mindful of it going forward.  We work with you on releasing all the shame, guilt, and victimhood associated with this dis-ease and we flip the perspective. This sets us free from the shame, guilt, or attachment to the addiction and this gives us a CHOICE.  A choice to dive deeper into our subconcious progamming and heal at the ROOT.

We believe it is one's natural drive and urge to explore our consciousness. In fact, there are many animals in nature that explore plant medicines; dolphins, horses, felines, reindeer, and more!  We believe plant medicine to be nothing short of miraculous! We have seen it help to overcome addiction, and so much more!  We would be happy to put you in touch with treatment centers that serve the medicine in safe ways if you feel called to sit with in ceremony.  We truly believe in the intelligence and healing abilities of certain plant medicines and have personally experienced the magic abilities to reset your life. These experiences, whether micro or macro dosing, can be life changing.  But, let's be clear, that it is not a new way to get 'high'. This medicine needs to be respected and looked at as a teacher, in and of itself.  

Once we heal the underlying drive, typically childhood trauma, we are able to choose if we want to have a relationship with the substance or not. When we work at the root cause, we naturally start to make healthier decisions, relationship choices, and decisions more in alignment with who we authentically are. This is how you become FREE! 

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