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What is Ibogaine


How can it help me?



What is it? 

Ibogaine is a powerful psychedelic medicine that comes from the Iboga shrub, a plant found in West Africa. Ibogaine is the alkaloid found in the root of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant. Culturally speaking, it is highly regarded by the Bwiti of Gabon, and is used to commune with spirits and ancestors. It was also used as a rite of passage for centuries. This medicine is used to heal many different diseases in tribal cultures.  It is currently illegal in the USA and many other countries, but is still used all over the world to help treat addiction, mental illness, and even physical illness. 


What does it do? 
On a spiritual and energetic level, simply put, this medicine helps you to get in touch with any stored traumas - from this life and lives past - that are currently running the show within your subconscious mind. It works by resetting the neurotransmitters of the brain while providing insight into the trauma and mental dynamics that lead to addiction and other psychological issues in the first place.


Uncovering your unconscious mind can be difficult, and let's be honest, scary to explore on our own. We believe that addiction, mental illness, and even most physical illnesses to be a result of dis-ease, or rather, unprocessed emotions and traumas that we have stored in our bodies. Over time, when undelt with,  these stored energies lead to worsening conditions that affect our every day realities.


Ibogaine is a very intelligent plant medicine that can help you uncover these things. It will open you up, get you past all of your own BS, and blast apart all those 'things' deep inside, that have been holding you back from being who you want to be - the person you are underneath it all! Essentially, Ibogaine cleans and resets your vessel and resets your nervous system, so that your body can do what it does best - heal itself and take care of you!


Having an experience with Ibogaine can feel like a start fresh! But it doesn't end there - that's just the beginning of seeing and being in your new world.  Integrating your experience afterwards is how you get lasting results, and that's where we come in!  

What kinds of illnesses are treated with Ibogaine? 

Ibogaine is used to treat addiction (primarily opiodes, amphetamines, alcoholism, and nicotine), PTSD, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress-related burn out, some personality disorders, chronic destructive disorders, and there is new research on its positive effect with Parkinson's Disease. It can even help you quit smoking!

What does an experience with Ibogaine feel like? 
Each experience with Ibogaine is highly personal and varies depending on our reason for connecting with it's spirit, and what the medicine has to show us.


The key for all plant medicine experiences, however, is to surrender to what the medicine wants you to know.


This is because it has the power to unlock a lot of your repressed emotions and can even trigger the physical purging of dense and stuck energies, which can look and feel on the physical plain, like a yucky tummy issue! But this is only temporarily and doesn't happen to everyone. It's important to note that this medicine mainly works on the lower chakras, which is where many of us store these old traumas that hold back our power, and our ability to be our true authentic selves. 


Is Ibogaine Legal? 

While it is currently illegal in the USA and many other countries, there are still places to go in the world where it is actively used in treatment today. We have a relationship with the Beond Center in Mexico, and know from personal experience how wonderful they are! (FYI If you're not feeling that center, no worries. We know a few others. Don't be afraid to ask.)

What can I expect after the ceremony? 
As you can probably imagine -  clearing these traumas, healing our DNA, and quite literally quantum leaping into a new dimension of being is a lot for our bodies to undertake!


Everyone takes a different amount of time to recover from this type of healing and that is why it is so crucial to work with a coach or a guide to help you better ground and integrate this medicine afterwards


During the first 3 months after your experience, you will likely still feel the medicine guiding and supporting you (don't worry - the visual part is only during ceremony). Ibogaine is special, in that the afterlife of the medicine keeps working for you, even though you might not consciously be aware of how much it's still doing. This is the most optimal time to create new habits and routines for yourself, because the medicine is literally rewiring your brain's neural pathways as you go about your daily responsibilities. It is the ideal time to work on the reprogramming of your new thought processes!

Why is aftercare so important? 

The medicine is just a catalyst. It opens you up and shows you hidden aspects of yourself that may not always be easy to face alone, especially without any tools or support. What you do with these new perspectives is what will matter most in creating the life you want. 


This is why Amanda created Cosmic Soul Recovery and experimented with so many tools and techniques.  Because she knew that one day, the world would be more receptive to these healing medicines - and when it was, she wanted to be the person for others, that she didn't have when she first sat with this medicine.


We support everyone's decision to do what is right for them, and can help you find your inner peace either way. However, in our experience, these medicines coupled with the right aftercare, is the optimal way to success!

How does Cosmic Soul Recovery help with this process? 

Experiencing this medicine is literally like being reborn! Think about how much of a sponge you were from birth until age 5?! With a new found zest for life and lightness to you after the medicine, we help you learn new habits and anchor in those positive effects of clarity, before the clouds of life can fog it all up again! Because, let's face it, there is no magic pill that fixes everything without you having to do some work too. But, we will be there for you every step of the way!

In our experience, the medicine makes you much more open to everything around you, the energies both good and bad. It is also known to increase our sensitivities. So, if you have been numbing your gifts, abilities, emotions, and/or sensitivities for years -  if not your whole life -  it can be very overwhelming at first to begin to feel it all again.  Cosmic Soul Recovery helps by coaching you through the entire process. From how to find safe and legal places to sit with the medicine, to helping to prepare your mind beforehand, and then helping you process and integrate afterwards.  

Is Ibogaine that 'magic pill' that everyone always searches for?

Not quite. While this medicine is amazingly powerful, but it can't fix everything alone, it needs your help too! For example, if you go to ceremony and do this medicine, and then come back to your life without making any real changes in how you treat yourself, or in your daily routines, habits, relationships, etc. then it won't be long 'til you are right back where you began. At this point, you might think that the medicine didn't work. But no! It's not the medicine's fault. No! We have to take what we learn from the medicine and apply it to our lives. This is how we create real, lasting change; and while the medicine can be a game changer for this, it doesn't happen without some work from you too!


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